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A new version of the calculator is being worked on!

Freesiteworth is an accessible and cutting-edge website valuation tool designed to estimate a website’s worth and worldwide ranking. if you want to track success of your website, evaluate the amount of traffic your site draws, including the estimated number of daily unique visitors, traffic details and page views, Freesiteworth is a free tool that gives you an idea about your website’s SEO quality, along with search engine optimization report based on the most updated and recent statistics. This tool is also used to calculate the value of a domain. If you want to sell a website or buy an already existing website, Freesiteworth is one of the comprehensive tools that allows you to search expired, expiring and dropped domains.

Freesiteworth is an online utility that easily reveals relevant data about the economic value and the SEO value of a website. Freesiteworth website management does not pose any difficulty, you must simply enter the URL of the site to look for automatically and in seconds, detailing you about the value, page views, position in the world ranking websites, inbound and outbound links, PageRank, age, country that is hosting the server as well as other particulars relating to the ownership of the domain analyzed. It reckons the website offers information, obtained from the Google PageRank, Alexa, and others. However, like other similar tools, some of the results are approximate and therefore must be taken seriously in relative terms.

Freesiteworth allows us to do a competitive analysis (benchmarking), comparing ourselves against our competitors, based on the following aspects such as visitors (traffic), social networks, the essence of SEO, content, links, keywords, backlinks, SEO authority, usability security, technologies etc.

From Freesiteworth, you can instantly generate multiple detailed reports that include analysis SEO, Social Media, mobile optimization, usability and more. In turn, it is possible to analyze the inside pages of the website to gain a deeper understanding reviewing a particular page. Freesiteworth is also a tool for checking and validating some of the most important expiring domain names.

We provide a detailed report that will let you have a complete picture of your website. This service will be useful for all beginners, webmasters and SEO optimizers experienced. Our reports contain a detailed explanation of the problems identified, tips for dealing with these problems, optimization and resource development. The web audit will let you figure out which prevents your website is in the top search results.

In today’s competitive digital environment it is very essential that we must understand where our visits coming from and what keywords are they using to find us, because we can further optimize based on this data. We must also know where to go on our website and correct it. This free tool will analyze your site and let you know how well it’s being monetized, and what value you could sell it for.

So do not miss this opportunity and if you are looking to improve your own websites, we recommend you try Freesiteworth tool, which tests websites in far more detail, and offers comprehensive suggestions on how to improve increase them.

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